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Loved for the features.
Trusted for the performance.

Hyundai equipment is equipped with state of the art features to make life on the jobsite easier. 

“A huge selling point for me on Hyundai was the fact that when we took this mine over, there was a Hyundai 290 excavator that had well over 17,000 hours on it, and it’s still running today like a dream. That gives you a prime example of the longevity of this equipment. It makes me feel good to know you can get that kind of hours out of a machine. It’s got to be built right.”

– Ryan Williams, Atomic Sand, LLC

Backed by the hardest working warranty on the jobsite.

Hyundai offers a 3 - year / 3,000 - hour standard warranty and a 5 - year / 10,000 - hour structural warranty.