12 Main Reasons Hyundai Excavator Cabs Are So Comfortable

Hyundai HX Excavator Cab Interior Foot Space

February 11, 2019 | Product Knowledge

Most heavy equipment operators work long, hard, 10 hour days. Keeping your operators happy and comfortable is important to help eliminate downtime. Hyundai’s HX Excavator series offers you an improved operating experience with cab comforts that are better than ever. Hyundai engineers were heavily influenced in the design of the HX excavator cab by the comfort and technology found in modern luxury cars.

“The big thing is the cab has a lot of space. You can’t not like this cab,” Corey Rogers, HCEA Marketing Manager says.

“The HX Series excavator cabs are 13 percent larger than those found on the 9A Series, while the HL wheel loaders are 10 percent larger. The entire structure of the cabs has changed with both being ROPS and FOG 1/2. Beyond the added comfort and safety of these changes, the new cab design gives us more space and an improved flat glass front design on the HX machines for better visibility,” Corey says.

Hyundai Excavator Cab Interior

1. Quieter Cab

Additional sound insulation, new viscous spring cab mounts and a quieter electronic fan clutch, reduce in-cab sound levels by as much as 4 dBA as compared to previous models.

2. Auto Engine Shutdown

When the machine idles for a programmable time frame in minutes, the engine will automatically shut down to save the operator on fuel. This is often the case when the operator leaves the cab and forgets to turn off the machine which can burn excessive fuel – another amenity found in the HX series cab.

3. Improved A/C

Cabs now include 9 vents (2 that can be adjusted for face.)

4. Flat Front Upper and Lower Glass

Flat glass for improved visibility eliminates any kind of distortion that you would have with curved glass.

HX220L Hyundai Excavator Cab Front

Jay Bowers Demos the Cab Comfort of the HX220L Hyundai Excavator at R&S Industries, Clovis, New Mexico

5. Advanced 8″ Touchscreen Monitor

Integrated Switches:
-Adjustable for optimal visibility-Monitor can be adjusted vertically up to 30″ and horizontally up to 8″.
-Real-time monitoring of critial machine operation data and fuel consumption data, plus easy access to operator settable functions.
-Smart Terminal*– Miracast system- via WiFi, this system mirrors the screen on the operator’s smart device for added convenience.
-Inclinometer-Provides machine level info for additional safety operator assistance.
-Attachment Control- Flow and relief pressures can be adjusted for single or double-acting attachments.

6. Haptic Control

Jog shuttle-type, controller operates all major functions. Haptic control is common in luxury automobiles and provides additional convenience to the operator.

7. Improved Joystick Console Adjustment

Control consoles slide forward – up or downward and back, according to the direction of the ratchet style crank.

Ed Harseim and Reco Equipment at ConExpo 2017

ED Harseim, HCEA North Central District Manager, explains the HX 220L excavator joystick adjustment at ConExpo ’17.

8. Bluetooth Radio

Bluetooth radio includes a mp3 port and hands-free phone functions.

9. 13% More Floor Space

For added comfort, the HX Excavator Series has 13% more floor space than the previous 9A series.

10. Smart Key (option)

Smart keys are now optional for a push button keyless start with key fob.

11. 8 Way Adjustable Air Ride Heated Seats

For enhanced operator productivity, the cab features a heated air-ride seat that can be fully customized to each operator’s preference.

12. Convenient Cab Storage

Convenient cab storage includes a large cup holder and storage tray, large luggage space with a net, hot and cool box, small cup holder and cigarette lighter, and sunglass case.

Watch the video below to learn more about Hyundai’s HX Excavator Series cab comforts from Corey Rogers, HCEA Marketing Manager, on Youtube with’s.

Watch a “walk-around” 360° virtual reality video with Corey Rogers at ConExpo ’17 of the Hyundai HX220L excavator cab. See how you as an operator can gain a significant edge in convenience and comfort, which we call the “Hyundai Edge.”

Visit our YouTube channel to watch the virtual reality cab interior video.


*Smart Terminal works with Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S8, Note2, Note3/ Lg-GE, Nexus7, Limited connectivity to other devices, must be Android Os v4.5 or higher.


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