6 Reasons To Choose Hyundai Wheel Loaders For Snow Removal

HL955 Hyundai Wheel Loader With Metal Pless Attachment snow removal

December 10, 2018 | Customer Testimonials, Dealer Testimonials, Job Stories, Product Knowledge

Large Comfortable Cab

Snow removal operators serve the community during sub-freezing, cold-weather temperatures. It’s important that they stay comfortable and safe, inside and outside the machine. The Hyundai HL955 Wheel Loader with Metal Pless Snow Plow was promoted in Snow Business magazine as a snow application solution. The ad promotes cab comfort and productivity. Here are 6 reasons to choose a Hyundai Wheel Loader for operator safety while performing snow removal.

HL955TM Steven Desmarais Snow Removal

Safe and Convenient Access

When snow and ice is come to play, having a cab door that opens with gas shock assistance, large handles, and anti-slip steps can be vital to avoid a fall while stepping in and out of a machine. Hyundai Wheel Loaders include convenient hand rails, access steps, and ladders that have an anti-slip tread.

HL 900 Series Hyundai Wheel Loader Ant-Slip and Grab Rail

Exceptional Visibility and Safety

When snow and wind grow to blizzard level, it is imperative that the snow removal operator be able to see well through the cab window. If the machine has a camera monitoring system, it will make it a lot easier for the operator to avoid potential dangerous blind spots. All Hyundai HL900 Series Wheel Loaders come with a standard rear-view camera and an optional AAVM (All Around View Monitoring) four camera surround system. AAVM features an IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection), which can caution and alert the operator of people or obstructions around the machine when visibility is low.

Hyundai’s smaller wheel loaders (HL940, HL940TM, HL955, HL955TM) feature a 3-4 yard capacity Z Bar Linkage and Parallel Loader Linkage. They are perfect for snow removal on streets and parking lots. The advantage of using the TM’s Parallel Linkage is the excellent visibility and additional pivot height needed for stock piling snow banks.

HL940 Wheel Loader Hospital Snow Removal

Powerful and Reliable Cummins QSB 6.7 Engine

Hyundai’s smaller wheel loaders (HL940, HL940TM, HL955, HL955TM) are powered by Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engines with no DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters.) This is ideal for cold weather climates because the operator does not have to worry about shutting down the engine due to excessive idle time. Therefore, the operator can stay nice and warm.

Industry Leading Warranty

There is no time for downtime when the weather is freezing and you have operators out in the field during a blizzard. Hyundai HL900 Wheel Loaders include the hardest working warranty in the industry. With regular maintenance, our 3-YR / 3,000-HR full machine warranty, 5-YR / 10,000-HR structural warranty, limited-lifetime warranty on all articulation joints, and the Hyundai Extend optional extended warranty, your Hyundai loader is apt to stay productive in the field with no downtime.

Designed For Operator Convenience

Your snow removal heavy equipment needs to run productively. It is essential to find a machine that enables your operator to remain comfortable for extended periods of time. You can feel confident that your operators are comfortable while driving a Hyundai wheel loader. Hyundai doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cab comfort. The cabs of the HL9600 Hyundai Wheel Loader Series are generously-designed to  be spacious and cozy. For example, cabs feature heated air-ride seats with hydraulic controls that move with the seat for optimum ergonomic comfort (see  photo below.) Other standard features are Bluetooth-enabled radios with hands-free calling, tilting / telescoping steering columns, two-way radio provisions, large 7” color and touchscreen monitors, and heated mirrors.


Hyundai Wheel Loader Cab Interior With Snow Background

Monitor Your Machine Remotely

It is vital to be able to manage and know the location of your fleet and operators during freezing temperatures. Purchasing a machine that comes with a built-in telematics system is definitely the way to go. Hyundai’s Hi MATE proprietary remote management GPS-based technology allows you to track, trace and monitor where your operators are in your machines anytime, anywhere. This will ensure you know where your operators are at all times in case of emergency.

Need more information on Hyundai wheel loaders for Snow Removal? Download our Snow Removal Flyer.  Limited time only special offers are available on new HL940 and HL955 Hyundai Wheel Loaders, through March 31st, 2019. Interested in hearing what others have to say about Hyundai Construction Equipment for snow removal? Watch one of our many snow removal Hyundai testimonial videos shown below.

“The equipment proved itself and service has been fabulous. I will continue to buy Hyundai forever,” says Steve Desmarais, owner of Steve Demarais Construction.

“What’s nice about the Hyundai HL940 wheel loader is when you do get a lot of snow and you’re pushing snow to bigger larger piles, once you get to that pile and you elevate the bucket, you just keep pushing that snow up, and up, and up… it is so smooth and easy to do. Whereas other machines that I’ve used in the past would struggle to get that snow up once you maneuver a bucket up into the air,” says Robert Wilson, Vice President, Penn Outdoor.

“Hyundai has done a great job for us. I would highly recommend it to contractors in the same business. We are escalating snow removal with the best bang for buck out there,” says Eric Skinner, Owner, Trimmer’s Landscaping.

“When it snows, you learn the value of good equipment and you want dependability, which is one thing we have enjoyed with Hyundai loaders!” says Dale White, Owner, Leighton A. White, Inc.



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