Why A 7th Generation Dairy Farm Chooses To Use Hyundai Wheel Loaders

Dunnan Farms

September 21, 2018 | Customer Testimonials, Dealer Testimonials, Job Stories, Product Knowledge

“Got Milk?”

Donnan Farms, a 7th generation dairy farm based in western New York, manages a demanding operation of over 3,500 cows. The farm was established over 200 years ago in the little town of Retsof, New York, then moved to its present location in York, New York in 1882.

Donnan Farms is one of Hyundai Equipment dealer, George & Swede Sales & Service’s , most valued and oldest customers. Today the farm has grown from 60 cows and 400 acres in the 1950’s, to 3,500 cows and 3,500 acres in 2018. With a long standing reputation as a conscientious business in the community,  “Happy & healthy cow care and comfort”  is their motto for producing top quality milk.

The dairy application for wheel loaders is extremely harsh. Proper maintenance is very important because wet material build-up and airborne debris are common. Being close to a Hyundai Equipment Dealer with an excellent service team has it’s advantages when you are running feed 10-12 hours a day. Frank Baumgardner, Salesman at George & Swede, recently took Hyundai on a job site visit to Donnan Farms to hear why they choose Hyundai loaders. Buck Young, who manages the maintenance of the crops and feeding of the cattle with the help of a HL770-9XTD Hyundai Wheel Loader, explained what he liked about Hyundai loaders, and what they consider  to be the “Hyundai Edge.”

“The Hyundai Edge to us is reliable equipment with reliable parts and service. We enjoy working with George & Swede Sales & Service, our Hyundai equipment dealer,” says Buck.

“Feed-lot Friendly” Wheel Loaders

Hyundai’s 9A Wheel Loader series is designed for longer lubrication intervals and extended component life. Long life hydraulic filters now have 1,000 hours service intervals and Hyundai certified hydraulic oil can last up to 5,000 hours before changing. The HL770-9XTD’s center pivot roller bearing design is double tapered, which requires less maintenance.

Long life and extended wear components can save the equipment operator time and money. With a net power of 297 hp (221 kW) at 2,000 rpm; operating weight of 24,250 kg (53,460 lbs); and standard bucket size of 4.2 m3 (5.5 yd3), you can’t go wrong with the HL770-9XTD Wheel Loader for dairy applications. Need a different size loader, or maybe one with a little more RPMs? Hyundai Construction has 18 Z-Bar and XT and 2 Tool Master loaders to choose from. The HL970XT compares to the HL7709XTD,  with 308 hp (230 kW) / 2,100 rpm. The HL960 compares to the HL760-9A with 308 hp (230 kW) / 2,100 rpm, but with a little heavier operating weight of 19,425 kg (42,825 lbs.)

Photo above: Greg Newell, Owner of George & Swede, Parts & Service

George & Swede Sales & Service understands the demands of a dairy farm, and the need to feed cows every day.

“Hyundai loaders are a great machine choice for a demanding operation like a dairy farm. Standard serviceability features like the reversible cooling fan and ground level access to critical service points, contribute to more up time and reduced cost of ownership. Other features like the rearview camera, on-board load weighing system and a very spacious cab, keep operators working safely and productively,” Greg Newell, Owner of George & Swede Sales & Service quotes.

To hear more from Buck and to see the Hyundai HL770-9XTD Wheel Loader in action loading feed on Donnan Farms, watch the video below.

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