Large Breakers

Large Breakers


Operating Weight (Top Box BKT.) 2,832 kg (6,243 lbs) ~ 5,625 kg (12,401 lbs)
Chisel Outer Dia. 150 mm (5.9 in) ~ 200 mm (7.9 in)
Setting Pressure 210 kgf.cm2 (2,987 psi) ~ 240 kgf.cm2 (3,414 psi)
Impact Power 8,550 ft.lbs (11,600 J) ~ 16,200 ft. lbs (22,000 J)
Working Pressure 140~180 kgf.cm2 (1,991~2,560 psi) ~ 150~190 kgf.cm2 (2,134~2,702 psi)
Oil Flow 180~250 Ipm (47.6~66.0 gpm) ~ 320~450 Ipm (322~119.9 gpm)
Blow Rate (H/ Speed) 200~350 (300~480) ~ 230~370 (300~480) BPM
Suitable Excavator 26~100 tons (57,320~22,0462 lbs)
Standard Features

Large Diameter Tie-Bolt

2 Chisel Points Included

Mounting Bracket - fits Hyundai model

Mounting bracket pins

Installation hardware

Optional Features

Anti-Blank firing on/off valve

TPC system (2 stage stroke valve)

Auto grease system


Hyundai large breakers are suited to fit excavators ranging from 30 ton to 80 ton.  If equipped on a Hyundai excavator, standard equipped mounting brackets are designed to match up perfectly with the Hyundai linkage.  If you would like to use on another brand of excavator, Hyundai dealers can match a custom mounting bracket to fit any machine.

Reliability & Durability

Hyundai breakers are precision designed with trusted and proven components and systems.  Our breakers are designed to be rugged and reliable for longer up time, reduced operating cost and  improved productivity.

Hyundai breakers are manufactured with the high grade of steel and rigid box frame construction.  Product testing is conducted in the design and manufacturing process of all new models insuring optimum durability and reliability.



Two stroke selector system

The 2-stroke selector allows users to change from long stroke to short stroke according to the performance needs for their application.


Multiple chisel types

Multiple chisel types are available in stock for your local Hyundai dealer. No matter what type of material you are engaging, we have the right tool for your needs.


Energy Regeneration Valve

After the piston strikes the chisel and the piston recoils, up to 15% of the energy flow is captured and reapplied on the next down stroke. (Only on HDB650 and HDB800)


TPC System - 2-stage stroke valve (Option)

Allows users to change from short stroke to long stroke based on application and material requirements.


NOK Seal System

Longer seal life versus other breakers in the market is achieved with high quality NOK type seals.


Auto ABF (Anti-Blank Firing) System

Standard on HDB300 - HDB800 models, protects chisel points, bolts and front heads from blank firing regardless of application. Auto control starts and stops breaker operation based on pressure on chisel point. (Auto - Not Available on HDB650 & HDB800)


Hyundai-backed support and warranty

Backed by Hyundai, all Hyundai breakers carry a 1 year warranty and are fully supported by the Hyundai dealer network across North America.


Auto Grease System

An optional auto grease system provides greasing throughout the day, eliminates manual greasing, and increases overall tool life. (Available - HDB300 - HDB800)