NET POWER 202 kW (270 hp) at 1,800 rpm
OPERATING WEIGHT 78,483 lb (35,600 kg) - 79,807 lb (36,200 kg)
BUCKET RANGE 42" | .67-1.75 yd3 (0.51 m3-1.34m3 )
SWING SPEED 11.4 rpm
TRAVEL SPEED (MPH) 5.6 km / hr (3.5 mph) / 3.2 km / hr (2 mph)
MAX. DIGGING DEPTH (FT/IN) 6,670 mm (21 ft 11 in)
MAX. DIGGING REACH 9,910 mm (32 ft 6 in)
TAIL SWING RADIUS (FT/IN) 1,780 mm (6 ft 4 in)
BUCKET BREAKOUT FORCE 15,500 [16,830] kgf ( 34,170 [37,100] lbf ) ISO
ARM CROWD FORCE 10,900 [11,830] kgf ( 24,030 [26,090] lbf ) ISO

Hyundai Engine

Eco report (NEW)

Lifting mode (NEW)

Variable power control

Attachment flow control

Fuel efficiency

Cycle time improvement


Deluxe operator's seat

Intelligent 8" touchscreen monitor

Advanced audio system

Innovative haptic control module

Visibility and handle improvement (NEW)

Key on init work mode (NEW)

Serviceability & Safety

ECD (Engine Connected Diagnostics) (NEW)

Auto safety lock (NEW)

Electronic swing parking brake (NEW)

Enhanced cabin visibility

Easy access to DEF system

Cab air filter access

Upper-structure access

Stacked cooler design

Performance Options

Hyundai dual lock quick coupler

Fine swing control

Boom float mode

Swing lock mode

Convenience Options

Wi-fi direct with smart phone (Miracast)

Single pedal travel

Proportional auxiliary hydraulic system

2 way proportional RCV & pedal control selection

Fine (cushion free) swing control

Serviceability & Safety Options

AAVM (All Around View Monitoring)

Hi MATE fleet telematics


Introducing the HX355ALCR, a cutting-edge excavator engineered to redefine efficiency, comfort, and safety in the construction industry. Designed with productivity in mind, this powerhouse delivers unparalleled performance while keeping ownership costs low. Its innovative features include a spacious cabin with low noise and vibration levels, ensuring a comfortable work environment for operators. Equipped with a fully adjustable heated air suspension seat and climate-controlled air conditioning as standard, the HX355ALCR prioritizes operator comfort without compromising on performance. Moreover, easy maintenance is a breeze with accessible compartments and maintenance data directly available from the control panel, minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime.

Safety is paramount with the HX355ALCR, boasting a comprehensive array of features to safeguard operators and worksites alike. From a 360° camera system and large side mirrors to anti-slip steps and guard rails on the upper structure, every detail is meticulously crafted with safety in mind. Powerful LED work lights illuminate the surroundings, while optional ultrasonic detection further enhances hazard awareness. Operating this excavator is a breeze, thanks to the new easy-to-use 8″ touch screen interface, ensuring that all vital information is conveniently accessible at the operator’s fingertips. Experience unmatched performance, comfort, and safety with the HX355ALCR, setting a new standard for excellence in the construction equipment industry.


Hyundai construction equipment is precision designed with trusted and proven components and systems from leading OEM’s.  The HX235A LCR Compact Radius Excavator is designed to be economically rugged and reliable for longer up time, reduced operating cost and improved productivity. Through a combination of innovative hydraulic system enhancements, Hyundai A-Series HX excavators achieve faster cycle speeds than previous models, which increases productivity.

Hyundai construction equipment is manufactured with the highest grade of steel due to Hyundai’s dominance in the steel and shipbuilding industries.  Rigid cycle testing, heat testing, vibration testing and shock load testing is conducted in the design and manufacturing process of all new models insuring optimum durability and reliability.





Grading and Excavating




Public Works/ Municipalities




Road-Highway/ Paving


Scrap Recycling