HCEA Social Media Community Guidelines


Mission Statement

HCEA is delighted to welcome you as our social media fan or follower. Our mission with social media is to provide you with information on company news, product information, quick tips on how to use our machinery, and stories about our company history and employees that we hope you will find entertaining and interesting. The Policy is designed to serve as a “catch all” for Internet based public disclosure, so as new technologies evolve, the Policy will apply to the use of those technologies, even if the specific media or means is not mentioned specifically herein.

Community Rules

While we happily invite our fans to post, share, and comment on our social pages, all we ask is that you respect your fellow members of our community.  HCEA reserves the right to remove random and irrelevant content (comments, videos, or images) that may appear as negative, inappropriate or non-related to the topic of the post by the HCEA team. Persistent offensive behavior or continued violation of our community rules may lead to blocking of your further participation. The list below is not an exhaustive list of all violations, and further moderation may be required depending on the post.

The following are not allowed:


HECA reserves the right at any time to make changes, modifications, alterations and/or additions to this Policy.