“Man’s Best Friend” Enjoys Hyundai Excavator Cab Comfort Too

Jerry Carpenter In A HX300L Hyundai Excavator

September 25, 2018 | Customer Testimonials, Job Stories

There is an old saying that hits home with dog lovers, “A house is not a home without a dog.” Jerry Carpenter, Owner of Carpenter Construction, feels the same way about his Hyundai excavators. He operates his Hyundai HX330L excavator 8-10 hours a day with his 4 dogs in the cab because it’s comfortable.

“Hyundai has really great machines…. they’ve got plenty of room in the cab…. they’re real roomy and comfortable. They’ve got plenty of room for my dogs,” says Jerry.

Jerry is a valued customer of Luke Peavy, Hyundai Equipment dealer salesman, at Crosby Equipment in Macon, GA.  Recently Luke took the Hyundai marketing team to interview Jerry on his experience operating Hyundai equipment.

Carpenter Construction has been in business 50 years crushing concrete and asphalt in Warner Robbins, GA. Jerry grew up on a farm moving dirt, but he thought there was not a lot of money in it, so he moved into construction dirt and crushing concrete and asphalt. Jerry owns two crushers, an impactor that does asphalt, a jaw that is made for concrete, two Hyundai loaders, and two Hyundai excavators, a HX300L and HX330L.

Jerry runs his machines hard. Fuel efficiency and convenient serviceability is important to his business. He uses his Hyundai excavators to clean out his trucks that get hung up with the concrete and asphalt while they are dumping it. Then they pile it, process it with a hydraulic hammer on another tractor, and stockpile it until they get enough to crush.  If they don’t get enough of the concrete or asphalt to crush, they feed it into an impactor, then stack it with a Hyundai rubber tire wheel loader on the other end. 

“Hyundai machines are pretty fair on fuel economy too. They have an indicator on them that tells what you’re burning per hour, so I’m going by that to assume it’s got pretty good fuel economy. The machines are easy to service. You can service everything from the ground, except for the water…. but you do everything from the ground, which is good. You can grease everything right from the ground,” says Jerry.

Jerry’s 4 little dogs stay with him 24 hours a day. He chuckled that they are with him more than when he is with his wife. His day starts early at 7:00 a.m. every morning and he always brings his dogs to work. They ride in the truck, get in the cab of the excavator, and stay in there all day (other than bathroom breaks and lunch) until he gets them out about five o’clock p.m.

To hear more about why Jerry chose Hyundai and see his HX330L, HX300L, and HL740-9A-TM wheel loader in action, watch the video below.

Jerry is also impressed with Hyundai’s financing offers and enjoys being a Crosby Equipment customer. Crosby has 3 locations- Macon, GA, Douglas, GA, and Jacksonville, FL.

“I like the Hyundai financing, they will put you in the driver’s seat within a couple of weeks…. they don’t mess around on a couple months on delivering it. If Crosby Equipment has it on the porch or either in Macon, GA or Douglas, GA somewhere, they’ll put you to work within about a week’s time if you sign the papers,” says Jerry.

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