Perform Maintenance On Hyundai Equipment In Less Than An Hour With “Grab & Go” Filter Kits

Steve Reeves 500 Hour Filter Kit Maintenance Quote

November 27, 2018 | Dealer Testimonials, Job Stories, Product Knowledge

No Time For Downtime 

Feeding dairy heifers can be influenced by many factors: level of production, forage quantity and quality, feed digestibility, and frequency. A wheel loader on a dairy farm needs to run feed to a mixer 10 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Performing regular scheduled maintenance intervals can be challenging when weather conditions are wet, rainy, and cold. The Hyundai marketing team recently tagged along with Steve Reeves, Owner of Hyundai Construction Equipment Dealer, R& S Industries, on a 500 hour maintenance service call at customer Palla Dairy’s Hyundai HL940 wheel loader.  Routine wheel loader maintenance and upkeep is necessary to achieve top machine performance and run at optimal levels- to its full ability.

Hyundai 500 Hour Filter Maintenance Kit

“It takes less than an hour for a 500 hour service, which is an oil and fuel filter change and a full grease. Hyundai makes it so simple to complete an oil change or service. Everything you need is in the filter kit box, and it can all be performed above ground,” says Steve Reeves.

Hyundai Loader Oil Change By Steve Reeves R&S Industries

Filter kits, currently offered by your local Hyundai Construction Equipment Dealer, have been specifically assembled to aid in routine maintenance of your equipment. Intervals readily available are 250, 500 and 1000 hour, with an option for a 2000 hour interval.* Although we recommend regular and routine maintenance, the filter kit(s) can be utilized at any interval.The kit consists of the necessary fluid filters to maintain and service your unit. Engine Air Filters can be added as your job site and application require it,” says Ted Steinkamp, Parts Marketing Assistant Manager, CE/FL.

“Filter kits are built to be “grab-and-go,” so they are packaged in a well-balanced sturdy box with carry handle. You can quickly pick it up at your Hyundai Dealer Parts Counter and carry to your job site, knowing that you will still have an extra hand to carry anything else you may need… a smarter option than an armful of different size filters, ” says Ted.

“Take a second look at the filter kits your dealer is offering for Hyundai heavy equipment. Pair the service with wheel loader and excavator fleet management data from Hi-MATE, and you may have created your own “Best Day Ever” scenario, and who doesn’t like that,” says Ted.

To learn more about how easy it is to use Hyundai’s “Grab and Go” Filter Maintenance Kits, listen to Steve Reeves’s video testimonial filmed at Palla Dairy below:

*(Note: Most 2000 hour intervals require 2-3 additional filters when paired with a 1000 hour filter kit.)

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