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“Trimmer’s Landscaping has been incorporated for twenty years. We’ve selected a HL955 Hyundai Tool Master Wheel Loader, and it’s got more electronics than most of our trucks. It’s not only been a phenomenal piece of equipment for us in the snow removal business end, but also in our landscape end.
Hyundai has done a great job for us. I would highly recommend it to contractors in the same business. We are escalating snow removal with the best bang for buck out there.”

– Eric Skinner, Owner, Trimmer’s Landscaping

Why Choose Hyundai?

One of the best warranties in the industry...


Our excavators and wheel loaders are powered by reliable and fuel-efficient tier 4 engines. Hyundai loaders feature Cummins engines on small and medium size models and Scania engines on larger models. Hyundai excavators feature Perkins, Cummins or Scania engines according to model size. Smaller mini excavators are powered by Mitsubishi or Yanmar engines.


Our loader cabs are generously-designed to be spacious and cozy with great features like: heated air-ride seats, bluetooth-enabled radios with hands-free calling, tilting / telescoping steering columns, two-way radio provisions, large 7” color and touchscreen monitors, heated mirrors and high-powered automatic climate control systems.


Service is designed to be easier on Hyundai loaders. Our machines are equipped with remote-mounted fluid drains, ground level access to engine oil filters and fuel filters, fully-tilting engine hoods, swing-out oil coolers, maintenance-free center pivot pins, remotely-located grease zerks, no DPF, and our industry-leading telematics solution, Hi MATE (free for 5 years.)


We design our loaders to be the safest machines on the jobsite, featuring standard rear-view cameras, optional 360 view camera systems with dynamic object detection, excellent operator visibility, convenient anti-slip steps and large grab rails, cab, attachment and rear-grill work lights, and automatic back-up alarms.

More Hyundai Stories

“The equipment proved itself  and service here has been fabulous. I will continue to buy Hyundai forever!”

– Steve Desmarais, Owner, Desmarais Construction

“These machines offer a lot to the customer. Operators spend hours in it and like the cab’s heated seats.”

Corey Chappell, Owner, Chappell Tractor, Hyundai Dealer

“When it snows you learn the value of good equipment and you want dependability, which is one thing we have enjoyed with Hyundai loaders!”

– Dale White, Owner, Leighton A. White, Inc.

“Hyundai was the first in the industry to come out with a 3-year/3,000-hour warranty which helps build confidence in the machine.”

– Flip Henry, General Manager, Chappell Tractor, Hyundai Dealer

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