Telephone Pole Manufacturer Chooses Hyundai Wheel Loaders and Survives the Worst Long Hot Summer Rain Ever

December 4, 2018 | Customer Testimonials, Job Stories, Updates

Hyundai Loaders Are Easy To Operate

Byron Jones is the owner at Gulf South Pole and Timber, a utility pole manufacturer located in Sycamore, Georgia. Gulf South is a valued customer of Hyundai Construction Equipment’s dealer, Crosby Equipment. They have been around for almost 25 years and employ approximately 21 people at their single location. Gulf South’s main operation is to procure trees from the woods in a bark state before they peel, dry and sell them to a treatment facility. They rely heavily on their two HL970 Hyundai wheel loaders for all loading operations. Byron explains the HL970 wheel loader is the perfect size for handling the tonnage of wood they need because it can unload a truck in no time.

Byron Jones Gulf South Pole and Timber Owner

“The HL970 wheel loader has been an easy machine for my guys to operate. They picked up on it very quickly and we’ve had no problems,” said Byron.

Hyundai Loaders Get the Job Done

Gulf South had to battle some of the worst rainy weather conditions they’ve ever had this past summer. In normal operations, they have heavy machinery running over the same path day in and day out. With the constant rain storms coming in, the machines ended up forming a large trench in their yard, however, their Hyundai wheel loaders were able to power through harsh, wet conditions to get the job done.

Byron said that the Hyundai Warranty was one of the biggest factors in deciding to purchase two Hyundai wheel loaders.

“The Hyundai EDGE to me has been the durability of the machine. They’re economical on the fuel and the size machine we have is very adequate for what we try to do out here, and the comfort level of the cab is superior to anyone we’ve ever run before,” said Byron.

To listen to Byron Jones’s video testimonial and see more of the HL970 wheel loader in action, watch the video filmed at Gulf South Pole and Timber below:

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