Byron Jones, Owner of Gulf South Pole & Timber

Byron Jones Gulf South Pole and Timber Owner

September 9, 2018

For Bryon Jones, Owner of Gulf South Pole and Timber, a telephone pole manufacturer in Macon, GA, the Hyundai Warranty was one of the biggest deciding factors in the purchase two Hyundai wheel loaders.

“We have two 970 Hyundai Wheel Loaders that we rely heavily on on doing all the unloading and loading of the dry fields as well as loading out our poles.The 970 is the perfect size for us because we can unload a truck in three grabs a box truck stays on the yard no more than 10 minutes. Loading out trucks we can have them loaded out with the 970’s in 15 minutes, so the 970 is the good size… it handles the tonnage of wood that we need it to do,” says Byron.

The Hyundai EDGE to me has been the durability of the machine. They’re economical on the fuel and the size machine we have is very adequate for what we try to do out here, and the comfort level of the cab is superior to anyone we’ve ever run before,” said Byron.

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