Dirt, Grain & Steel Demos HX220AL

September 22, 2022

Recently, Brandon Shannon, creator of Youtube channel Dirt, Grain & Steel, had the opportunity to demo the Hyundai HX220AL excavator on several of his new projects.  In his series of videos, he reviews the machine and puts it to the test on a spillway, pond construction project and removing a railroad bed. Watch his videos below to see Brandon’s views on the HX220AL and to decide if this is the right machine for you.

Dirt Perfect Liked It!!!…. Will I Like It?!?!?!…New Excavator!!

In this video, Brandon tests out the HX220AL on a pond construction project. He begins working with the Hyundai machine at 6:24, and he says, “So far, I really like this machine. It’s smooth, it’s quiet, and it seems to be strong.”

Severe Weather & Excavators…And The Finished Pond Video!

Brandon uses the HX220AL to continue working on the pond, and he encounters some severe weather. He mentions, “She’s got some serious power, I mean the breakout force is really good now… I’m really impressed by the strength of this machine.”

The New Hyundai HX220AL Excavator Loading Railroad Stone!

Brandon loads stone from an old railroad using the HX220AL to make a base for a driveway. Brandon says, “The 220’s got some good swing power… You can grade pretty well with the side of the bucket.”

A New Adventure With The New HX220AL Hyundai Excavator!

In this video, Brandon uses the Hyundai excavator to create a spillway. He says, “This thing turns effortlessly. I track smooth and fast and even in the high side of the travel, it uh has plenty of power to turn. I mean, I’m very impressed with that so that’s one of my favorite things about it.”


Stay tuned for more videos of Brandon using the HX220AL. For more information on the HX220AL or any other Hyundai equipment, please contact a dealer near you.

Special thanks to Dave Huppenthal at Hardings Heavy Equipment for assisting Brandon with his equipment needs.

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