Mike Simon, Dirt Perfect, and RECO Equipment Share Opinions on the Hyundai HX145LCRD VS. VOLVO 140E

June 15, 2020

Mike Simon, construction business owner / Dirt Perfect YouTube channel star, and Tyler Garrity, territory manager at Hyundai dealer, Reco Equipment in Indiana, share opinions on the Hyundai HX145LCRD compact radius excavator vs. the Volvo 140e.

“The point of the videos are to educate anyone who is considering an excavator purchase on the difference in the two machines,” shares Mike.



In a second video, Tyler and Mike cover the operation station controls and the overall feel of the machines.

“It’s really a matter of compact radius vs. traditional operation. Until you actually get in the seat and operate, you don’t know what you like in a machine,” comments Tyler.

“When it comes to cycle speed- there are too many variables involved to compare. Both are very quick and responsive, but operate totally different when it comes to hydraulic timing, boom vs. stick speed. I find the Hyundai more controllable for tedious quick style works, like running grade on the bottom of a trench. It’s much easier to control the bucket coming to me on a grade,” shares Mike.




After operating the HX145LCRD on a few different jobs, Mike comments in his videos on what he really likes about the machine:

1) Well Balanced: “Most impressive and incredibly balanced compact radius excavator he has ever operated.”
2) User Visibility-Friendly Display: “The touchscreen display is well organized and user friendly-unlike competitor machines, all the buttons are in one spot and easy to find.”
3) Top-notch 360 View!”


Friday, 7/10/20 Setting trusses with the HX145LCRD and a jib pole
Sunday, 7/14/20 Hyundai Q&A with Juston Thompson, HCEA National Accounts

Click here to watch the complete video series of Mike at work in the Hyundai HX145LCR knocking down trees, installing a septic line, digging a crawl space, building a retaining wall, and other small jobs on a farm.

For more information on the Hyundai Construction Equipment available at Hyundai dealer, Reco Equipment, contact Tyler Garrity, Indiana territory manager, at tgarrity@recoequip.com.


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