Eric Skinner, Trimmer’s Landscaping, a Hyundai Construction Equipment Customer Testimonial

HL955 Hyundai Loader Trimmers Landscaping Snow Removal

March 8, 2019

Hear directly from Eric Skinner, owner of Trimmer’s Landscaping, Londonderry, NH, on why he chose Hyundai Construction Equipment for commercial snow removal.

“Trimmers Landscaping has been been incorporated for twenty years. We’d had some past experience with Hyundai in excavators and a very positive experience. We’ve selected our latest loaders, a HL955 Hyundai Tool Master, and it’s got more electronics than most of our trucks,” says Eric.

Trimmers Landscaping HL955 Hyundai Wheel Loader Removing Snow

Trimmer’s Landscaping’s HL955 Hyundai Wheel Loader Removing Snow.


“It’s not only been a phenomenal piece of equipment for us in the snow removal business end, but also in our landscape end. The HL955TM has a little bit more power -it’s a little bit of a bigger machine. I would say the power ratio on that has been a very good move for us. It certainly has plenty of power to push everything that we have to push. The plow attachment that we use with it expands to 22 feet wide so you can carry quite a volume of snow you know 30, maybe even more than 30 yards plus of snow. It’s a very very safe operating machine we’ve been very happy with it in both of those aspects from from a performance standpoint certainly from a safety standpoint,” says Eric.


Trimmer's Landscaping HL955 Hyundai Loader, snow removal view from the front of the ca

Trimmer’s Landscaping HL955 Hyundai Loader, snow removal view from the front of the cab.


“The Hyundai loaders are definitely comfortable. The Bluetooth radio in them- everything is really geared towards the operator’s comfort, and really letting them focus on the task at hand. The ride control has been very good. The serviceability of the Hyundai HL955 is bar none. The back hood opens up, our mechanics are able to open flaps, it gives them a real simple edge on on other machines. Using a loader in those really adverse conditions when we’re out plowing. It’s heavy and the volume can be high so being able to service that at a moment’s notice in not the ideal conditions certainly makes that very easy for us,” says Eric.


Watch the video below to hear more of Eric Trimmer’s story, and what he likes about Hyundai wheel loaders.

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