Foote Cattle Company Uses Hyundai Loader to Run Operations Smoothly

April 21, 2023

Garrett Foote, co-owner of Tim Foote Cattle Company, has been a long-time customer of Hyundai dealer, R&S Industries. On a recent visit, the Hyundai marketing team spoke with Garrett about how Tim Foote Cattle Company relies on their Hyundai HL940A XT loader for their day-to-day operations on their farm and ranch in Texaco, New Mexico. With 8,000 head of cattle to manage, the Hyundai loader is a crucial part of their daily routine. They use it for loading feed wagons and other tasks around the yard, with different attachments depending on the job at hand.

According to Garrett, the Hyundai loader is a favorite among their operators because of its advanced technology and smooth ride.

Garrett says, “Our operators enjoy the Hyundai loader and enjoy running it. They love how smooth the ride is. They like how it can efficiently and very effectively pick up our heavy loads when we’re loading our feed wagons, and it’s just effortless using the Hyundai loader.”

Garrett also praised their Hyundai dealer, R&S Industries, for their exceptional service and quick response time. “The biggest thing that we like about the Hyundai loader is the dealer that we use and the relationship that we have. With them, anytime that our equipment has any type of issue or needs service, they’re out the same day or the next. We’re never down for more than a day. If we’re down at all, they’ll help us get whatever we need done.”

He goes on to say that R&S Industries does a great job of keeping their equipment serviced and notifying him in advance of any scheduled maintenance. Their Hyundai loader is in use for at least six hours a day, between loading feed in the mornings and evenings and putting out hay in different places throughout the day. Despite the distance between different areas of the farm, the Hyundai loader travels effortlessly and efficiently to each location, making it an indispensable part of the Tim Foote Cattle Company’s daily operations.

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