Grove River Machinery – Frank Pridgen Bulldozer Service, Customer Testimonial

Walter Morton Operator Frank Pridgen Bulldozer Service

April 30, 2019

Grove River Machinery in Richmond Hill, GA has been a Hyundai Construction Equipment Dealer for a little over 10 years. While sales, service, and parts are their main focus, catering to their customers is their main goal.

The Hyundai team visited with Grove River Machinery’s customer Walter Morton, of Frank Pridgen Bulldozer Service, where Walter was operating a Hyundai HL940 loader and HX220L excavator to clear 10,000 acres of land.

Walter Morton Frank Pridgen Bulldozer Services

Walter Morton, Frank Pridgen Bulldozer Service

The Hyundai HL940… it’s a good loader, and it makes your long days short. It’s powerful for what we do out here, and more comfortable… just a good machine,” said Walter.

 Frank Pridgen Bulldozer Services Clearing Land With A Hyundai HL940 Wheel Loader

Frank Pridgen Bulldozer Service, Clearing Land With A Hyundai HL940 Wheel Loader

Dale Richbourg Hyundai Dealer Grove River Sales Manager

Dale Richbourg, Grove River Machinery Sales Manager

The HL940 wheel loader has the most comfortable cab I’ve sat in…and I’ve been on a lot of different wheel loaders. They all have air ride seats, and the air conditioning is just phenomenal. Hyundai has done a great job on the AC. Once I put somebody in the seat of a Hyundai, the machine will sell itself. After that, the parts and service sell it, and that’s where we come in as a dealer,” said Dale.

Want the full story? Watch the video on Youtube below.

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