Hansen’s Tree Service Values Hyundai HL955A Wheel Loader

August 4, 2022

Hansen’s Tree Service, located in Missouri, specializes in tree care, land clearing and green and wood waste recycling. With over 30 years of experience, Hansen’s team knows the value of reliable  machines that deliver day in and day out. When company president, Chad Hansen, wanted to add some new equipment, his interest turned to Hyundai for our affordability, dependability and customer support.

Chad says Hyundai equipment contains “the components that we’ve seen before and that we know are reliable, so that was a very appealing feature. Then combined with the price point, it’s kind of a no-brainer, and throw the warranty on top of it it just, I mean, it sealed the deal. It’s just a total package from value to components to warranty.”

Hansen’s now operates five HL955 wheel loaders, including one HL955A machine that they recently added. Chad mentions that he appreciates Hyundai’s commitment to offering a 3-year/3,000 hour standard warranty, a 5-year/5,000 hour structural warranty and a lifetime warranty on the center pin. In addition, he praises Hyundai’s Hi Mate remote telematics system for helping the company get the most out of their machines. With Hyundai, Chad has free access to Hi Mate for five years, so Hansen can maximize their equipment.
Using data gathered by Hi Mate, “it was pointed out that half the useful life of our machines have been sitting at idol. The more useful life I can get out of a machine, you know, working, obviously, the more revenue and money it puts in our pockets, so that’s always the end goal at the end of the day,” Chad says.

Not only does Chad value his Hyundai wheel loaders, but his operators, Josh Ludwinski, Cory Nuermberger and Matt Sonnenschein, have similar sentiments. Each operator praises the HL955A for its smooth operation and comfortability. These aspects are key to helping a Hyundai feel like home when operators spend all day in the cab.
“I operate with the Hyundai loader HL955A. We rented it at the beginning of the year, and I let them know how good it was operating and how comfortable it was to actually operate for 10 hours a day. Thank God they ended up purchasing it for us, and it’s been an amazing machine since,” Josh says. “The controls in the HL955A are smooth, easy to operate—very comfortable, easy to learn, as well. It doesn’t take you that long to get used to it and become very known to the machine, and it’s kind of extension of your arm.”
Hansen’s Tree Service is a customer of The G.W. Van Keppel Company, one of Hyundai’s valued dealers. Hansen’s team praises Van Keppel for their willingness to go the extra mile to take care of their customers and ensuring that they are happy with their machines.
“I’ve been working with Hansen’s for about six years. I’ve used many wheel loaders. By far, the HL955A is one of the best ones that I’ve used because of the power and the material that we’re able to move with it,” Cory says. “The Hyundai edge is by far the best for comfort durability and pretty much anything we need to do at any of our sites with any of our machines. We just love them.”

To locate a Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer near you, visit na.hd-hyundaice.com/dealer-locator and search by your zip code.


Pictured in the first featured photo, Steve Berg, Territory Manager at Van Keppel, shaking hands with Chad Hansen, President of Hansen’s Tree Service

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