Hyundai Dealer R&S Industries Values Relationship with Hyundai

April 14, 2023

Steve Reeves, the owner and operator of Hyundai dealer, R&S Industries, a New Mexico-based business that has been in operation for 23 years, discusses his experience selling Hyundai equipment in the agriculture industry. Steve highlights the importance of service and dependability in Hyundai’s wheel loaders and excavators, stating that “ultimately the service and the dependability of the machines” are key selling points.

Steve emphasizes Hyundai’s Hi MATE system’s benefits, which “helps the dealers, helps the owners, and helps the operators.” The system allows easy monitoring of the machine’s performance, maintenance intervals, and other relevant data. Additionally, Hyundai’s ECD Connect is integrated with the Cummins system, where “you can pull up everything right there on your computer and you can see the machine.” This makes it easy to identify problems and perform diagnostics.

Steve says with the help of Hi MATE, “Our guys go out in the field, and we’re in and out 99% of the time, instead of having to wait for parts, having to wait for diagnostics, having to wait for anything.”

Steve also praises the value for money that Hyundai’s machines offer, with a warranty that covers up to 200 miles of service calls and the option to mix and match different warranty terms. He says, “Their value on Hyundai’s machines is way greater than most, and the warranties on these loaders are bar none. Probably the best warranty out there.”

Steve recommends Hyundai’s machines for their dependability and value in the agriculture industry, stating, “You’re getting a better bang for your buck. You’re getting a really good value, and you’re getting a really good machine that is just going to stay running for the customers.”

Corey Johnson, who has been with R&S for over a year, discusses the company’s experience with Hyundai machines and their parts inventory. Corey joined as a parts manager and has since increased the inventory, including everything from filter kits to parts needed for maintenance. Corey notes that “the most parts we carry are maintenance items,” and if they don’t have a specific part in stock, Hyundai usually has it available in a few days.

Corey says, “I can get Hyundai parts the next day for our customers, compared to other competitors where it’s days or weeks even. Our service techs could get out in the field a day or two days where it’s taking two to three months for our other competitors to get out there.”

Corey emphasizes the benefits of the Hi MATE system for service needs, saying that “our techs can look at the Hi MATE and then let me know what parts are needed to service your machine.” Corey also praises Hyundai’s ability to save time for their service techs.

Corey states, “Working with Hyundai is like a dream come true because they’ve got parts in stock, and it’s awesome to get the customer back up and running on the same day.”

Tony Foust and Dakota Foust work in the service department R&S. They use Hyundai’s Hi MATE technology to improve their field service and maintenance operations. They both use Hi MATE to monitor the machines for any fault codes or maintenance needs while in the field. As Dakota explains, “When I look at it and see that there’s a fault code on a customer machine, I can call it and get it addressed in a timely manner for the customer so they won’t have as much downtime.”

Additionally, they use oil samples to check for any pre-failures in the engine, transmission, or differentials to catch any issues before they become major problems. Overall, using Hi MATE and oil samples gives R&S Industries a big advantage in serving their customers, ensuring their equipment is being taken care of and looked after by the dealer. As Dakota notes, “It gives them a better piece of mind on their equipment, knowing it is being taken care of.”

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