Josh Alexander, Alexander Cattle and Farms Hyundai Construction Customer Testimonial

Josh Alexander Cattle and Farms Hyundai Customer Testimonial

February 6, 2019

Alexander Cattle and Farms works their HL740-9A XTD and HL757 wheel loaders plus 210LC-7 excavator 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Hear Josh Alexander talk about the reliability, price point, and service that he loves about his Hyundai equipment.

Don’t have time to watch the video? Read the video script below:

“My name is Josh Alexander. I’m a fourth generation owner of Alexander Cattle and Farms in Pilger, Nebraska. We are current a finishing feedlot of 5,000 head and we also farm about 1,500 acres of corn and soybeans. Our daily operations require the use of pay loaders and also excavators. We use payloaders daily to load and mix feed. We also use them to clean the pens and do day-to-day maintenance, and then we use the excavators to move both manure and dirt for the feedlot.

Currently we have both a Hyundai 740 and a 757 loader, and we also have a 210 excavator. The payloaders that we use all have the XTD option we like that for the simple fact that the feed trucks are so tall, and even the manure equipment… you have to have the high lift to get inside the boxes, and it just makes everything more convenient and easier…you don’t have to worry about hitting any other equipment, doing any damage, and also we do have some shades and stuff we have to work at high heights, and we’re able to use those to get to those points.
The 740 has the maneuverability in the feed application while the 757 is out in the pens doing all the big work. You use the extended reach in both applications, but the size of the machine makes the difference.

We started using the Hyundai products about 15 years ago. My father had apparently used some other brands, got into the Hyundai’s, and really kind of fell in love with them and enjoyed the products for a long, long time. The qualities that we really liked in Hyundai machines are the reliability. Like I said… we use them every single day of the year and they run 365 days a year. We have very few mechanical issues now with the new model series, you know basically if we keep running, we’re making money so that’s one thing we really, really enjoy, and we are going to continue to use in the future. Like I said, we really enjoyed the products, the price points were right and from there we’ve always just had a real good relationship with them. Service has always been phenomenal. The products just… they do what they’re supposed to do, and we just enjoy working with them so much we’re gonna continue to do that in the future,” said Josh.

Alexander Cattle and Farms is a valued customer of Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer, Rueter’s Equipment, in Iowa.

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