McGill Compost Shares Science Behind Industrial Composting

mcgill compost hyundai hl970 wheel loader

September 30, 2020

McGill Compost, a class 4 composter, manufactures premium compost by processing and recycling non-hazardous, bio solids and residuals from municipal, industrial, and agribusiness sources. They’ve run six Hyundai wheel loaders to move materials at their Raleigh, NC, and Charleston, SC plant for the last 3 years and are on their second set of loaders- three HL970s (52,999 lbs,) and three HL960s (42,825 lbs).

In the short video below, Anthony Teachey, plant manager at the McGill, Delray, NC location for 11 years, shares the science on how the compost is made.

“The Hyundai loaders really give us good uptime, not a lot of downtime. They’re comfortable and user friendly. We’ve been working with MAY/RHI and Hyundai equipment for the last 3 years. The biggest selling point is MAY/RHI’s service and dependability. When you call them, they’re ‘on spot’ to get you back up and running,” said Anthony.

Franklin Tantum, supervisor, shares why he likes operating Hyundai wheel loaders over competitor machines.

“I look forward to coming to work every day, working in the Hyundai – it’s a good working machine. We’ve operated a lot of machines, but Hyundai has been the best. I like the heated seats. We don’t have a lot of breakdowns with Hyundai loaders because the DEF burns when it comes out the exhaust instead of inside, so we don’t have a lot of down problems as we did with other loaders in the past,” Franklin commented.


McGill Compost is a valued customer of NC/SC Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer, MAY /RHI.

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