Mike Peavy & Frank Vozzolo at Cherokee Brick, Hyundai Wheel Loader Testimonial

January 17, 2019

“I’m Mike Peavy, President of Brick and Tile Company. I’ve been with the company since 1990. We make around a hundred 185 million brick year here in Macon, Georgia. Probably six years ago, we were trying to decide, you know we had all these different companies trying to sell of loaders, and we run about four wheel loaders in our grinding operation, and so I bought three different units from different companies, and the Hyundai gave us less trouble than any other loader we bought. So from that point forward, we stuck with Hyundai loaders in our grinding operation, and we’ve been very happy with them,” said Mike Peavy.

“My name is Frank Rozollo…been at Cherokee Brick for 10 years. The Hyundai machines are capable of doing all the necessary we need them to do… the cabs ride good, the stability of the loaders are awesome. The Hyundai Edge to me is comfortable cab for operators when they are in it 10 or 12 hours, less break down time, and we can stay productive on moving our materials, says Frank.

Watch the rest of the testimonial video here:

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