National Equipment Dealers’ NED Talks Feature Hyundai Equipment

October 26, 2022

National Equipment Dealers, a Hyundai Construction Equipment Dealer in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas, frequently releases videos on their YouTube channel featuring Hyundai equipment. Watch their series of “NED Talks” below, and be sure to check back frequently for new videos.

Tucker Hamilton, NED’s rental sales coordinator, based in Savannah, Georgia took a minute to share a little about the very popular Hyundai HX160AL excavator while on-site with his customer, Widows Peak Land Clearing. Watch this machine push over a tree like it’s nothing and learn about NED’s current factory promotion on this model.

Cayuga Sands Produces Frack Sand With Help From Their Hyundai Excavators and Loaders – NED Talks 97

NED Talks #97 Cayuga Sands is a frack sand and concrete sand mining operation in Texas. In 2020, they purchased their first Hyundai from NED – an HL955 wheel loader. The loader is used for stockpiling and loading trucks with their finished product. Recently they took delivery of two new Hyundai excavators, an HX480AL and an HX520AL. Their operators rave about the comfort and reliability of the Hyundais. Watch their story to hear why they prefer Hyundai in their sand operation.

Dale Richbourg Walks Around our Custom-Configured Hyundai HX380AL Material Handler – NED Talks 96

In this episode of NED Talks, #96, Dale Richbourg, our Sr. Sales Specialist and scrap equipment expert, delivers another HX380AL material handler to his customer Scrap Partners in Metter, GA. Dale takes us around the machine to showcase the custom cab riser, material handling attachment, and other features, NED customized on this machine to make it suited for the scrap business.

Scrap Money Recycling Turns Junk Into Money With Their Hyundai HX210AL – NED Talks 95

In this video, NED meets with Scrap Monkey Recycling in Elberton, GA to discuss their experience with their HX210A L for recycling.

Joe & Corey Discuss the Hyundai HL960AHDXT at ISRI 2023 – NED Talks 94

ISRI 2023 – Corey meets with Hyundai Sr. Wheel Loader Product Manager, Joe Turnage to walk around Hyundai’s impressive HL960AHDXT loader. This machine is ideal for heavy-duty applications like scrap recycling and waste handling. The HD package provides factory-installed HD guarding and the XT extended reach provides additional dump height.

Overview of the new Hyundai HW250AMH at ISRI 2023 – NED Talks 93

ISRI 2023 – Corey meets with Hyundai Product Marketing Manager, Eric Bae to walk around Hyundai’s new HW250AMH Material Handler.

Hyundai Booth Walk-Through at ConExpo 2023 – NED Talks 88

Take a stroll through the Hyundai booth with Corey Rogers, VP of Marketing for NED, LLC. Hyundai’s booth was one of the most impressive booths at this year’s ConExpo 2023. See why.

Total Contracting Limited Chooses Hyundai For Their Utility Contracting Business – NED Talks 85

Pierre Merhi, general partner of Total Contracting Ltd. in Houston, Texas shares his own story of the American Dream and why he chooses to purchase Hyundai Construction Equipment for his underground utility business.

Hyundai Quick Coupler Connection Tutorial – NED Talks 84

Learn how to connect and disconnect an attachment with Hyundai’s hydraulic quick coupler on any A-Series Hyundai excavator.

GWG Wood Group Inc Uses Their HL960A Hyundai Loader to Load Out Wood Mulch – NED Talks 83

GWG Wood Group Inc located in Ferris, Texas just took delivery of their brand new Hyundai HL960A fitted with an 8 cubic yard roll-off bucket for handling mulch. Tommy Nell, their operator, has been running equipment since he was 8 years old. He previously ran a Volvo L110. Now with his new Hyundai, he says he is impressed with the comfortable cab, the performance, and the ride of this Hyundai loader. Check out this short video to hear more.

NED’s Corey Rogers explains how to operate our A Series Wheel Loaders. He provides a general walk-around and maintenance overview of loaders and a basic overview of the key features and functions needed to operate the loader.

Bill Dee’s Auto Salvage Dismantles Cars with Their Hyundai HX235ALCRD & SAS Extreme Auto Processor

In NED Talks #79, NED visited Bill Dee’s Auto Salvage in Houston, Texas. They recently took delivery of a new Hyundai HX235ALCRD excavator, equipped with a SAS Extreme Processor. Listen to one of their owners, Abdallah Hamed, about why they purchased this unique machine for their auto dismantling and processing business.

Green Recycling Increases Production with a Hyundai HX235ALCRD and SAS Extreme Auto Processor

NED Talks #78 – Green Recycling in Houston, Texas just purchased their first Hyundai HX235ALCRD equipped with a specialized auto dismantler from SAS Forks called the Extreme Auto Processor. This new machine replaces the work of four manual laborers and increases their processing time from just a few cars per day to well over 30 cars per day. The new SAS Extreme Auto Processor, by SAS Forks, allows for easier, faster, and safer removal of more recyclable ferrous and non-ferrous metals than achievable with manual laborers. Watch their story.

MW Collins Inc Processes Bio Waste With Their Hyundai Excavators & Wheel Loaders

In NED Talks episode 78., Micah Whitley with MW Collins takes a few minutes to talk at a clearing job for a warehouse site development. There they had two of their Hyundai excavators working together “stumping” and stockpiling brush and green waste.

NED Grows In Georgia with New Branch Near Atlanta – NED Talks #77

NED recently purchased L & N Supply Company, Inc. located in Dallas, Georgia, just minutes away from Atlanta. In episode #77 of the NED Talks series, NED took a few minutes to talk to Zach Long, our new GM of the Greater Atlanta market and son of the former owner, Brian Long. Zach shares his thoughts on this exciting transition and growth for his company and for NED.

Savannah River Utilities Loves Their New Hyundai HX380AL Excavator & Screen Machine 4043T Crusher

In this episode of the NED Talks Series, NED visited onsite with “Redd” Griffin, with Savannah River Utilities, about his brand new HX380AL Hyundai excavator, and his recently-delivered Screen Machine 4043T crusher. Redd was excited about both machines and the added productivity and future opportunities for growth that he expects from them. Take a few minutes to listen to this fun interview with James “Redd” Griffin.

Low Country Unlimited Demos Hard Rock Amusement Park With 7 Hyundai Excavators – NED TALKS #72

In this 72nd episode of the NED Talks series, NED stopped by to see one of Low Country Unlimited’s larger projects, currently underway in Myrtle Beach. Low Country Unlimited has been purchasing Hyundai construction equipment from NED for a number of years. This Myrtle Beach project is a demo operation of the old Hard Rock Café amusement park. Watch this video and see seven Hyundai excavators working in unison on this 80-acre demo site.

Landfill Transfer Station Chooses Hyundai Loader to Replace their CAT – NED Talks #66 Operators

In this episode of NED Talks #66, building on the previous episode, NED interviewed Eugene, the transfer station supervisor, and Jon, one of the equipment operators about their experience with the new Hyundai HL955AHDXT wheel loader. They shared their opinions about their previous CAT 930M and how it compared to the performance of their new Hyundai loader.

Power Performance and Bird Droppings at a Transfer Station with our HL955AHD XT – NED Talks #65

NED visits Tuscarora Landfill Transfer Station to see a new Hyundai HL955AHD XT in action.

How to Connect Quick Coupler on Hyundai HX145LCR Excavator with Mark Roberson – NED Talks #61

In this 61st episode of the NED Talks Series, South East Sales & Rental Rep for Florida, Mark Roberson, takes a few minutes on a recently-delivered A-Series Hyundai HX145LCR excavator to show how to connect and disconnect the quick coupler.

New Hyundai HX380AL Material Handler Delivered to Amerigo Metal Recycling – NED Talks #59

In the 59th episode of the NED Talks series, NED was onsite at Amerigo Metal Recycling in Georgia to deliver another Hyundai custom-built material handler. The new HX380AL is equipped with a 10-foot stationary cab riser, a specialized material handling attachment with 55 feet of reach, and an Anvil orange peel grapple. Dale Richbourg, Sr. Sales Specialist, based in Savannah, Georgia, took a few minutes to discuss this new machine and his 10-plus-year relationship supporting Amerigo Metal Recycling with their recycling equipment needs.

Hyundai Booth at World of Asphalt / AGG1 2022

Take a few minutes to walk around the Hyundai booth with NED at the 2022 World of Asphalt / AGG1 show. In this video, spend a few minutes learning about Hyundai’s new A-Series excavators and loaders with Mike Fuller, senior product manager and Joe Turnage, wheel loader product manager. See the all-new Hyundai HX220AL excavator and the HL980A loader that were both on display at the show.

ISRI 2022 Convention – NED review of Hyundai’s HL960HDXT Loader and All-New HW250MH Material Handler

Check out Hyundai’s new HL960HDXT heavy-duty extended-reach wheel loader and new HW250MH purpose-built material handler at Hyundai’s booth at the ISRI (Institute of Scrap & Recycling Institute). NED took a few minutes to walk around each of these new machines and point out some of the key features and benefits that make these models stand out.

NED Talks #48 – Christian Becker with Williams Land Clearing, Grading, and Timber Logger, LLC

In this episode of NED Talks video series #48, Christian Becker, a 3rd generation timber logger who works for Williams Land Clearing, Grading and Timber Logger LLC, compares his new Hyundai HX220AL to previous equipment he used in the past. See this machine in action and listen to Christian’s comments about the Hyundai performance and the unique capability of the dangle head attachment equipped on the machine.

NED Talks #41 – HL940ATM Walk Around with Jason Wainwright at the SGFMA Show in Myrtle Beach

In this episode of NED Talks episode #41, Jason Wainwright, VP of Sales for NED in North Carolina does a quick walk around of a new A-Series Loader – model HL940ATM – while at the SGFMA show in Myrtle Beach.

Hyundai Wheel Loader Calibration [A-Series Wheel Loaders]

In this NED Talks episode #45, Corey Rogers, VP Marketing and Product Specialist for NED, LLC, explains how to calibrate an A-Series Hyundai wheel loader, so that the load weighing system works properly. He also reviews how to take advantage of the return-to-dig feature by programming the boom height and bucket level detents. Proper calibration ensures an accurate load measure.

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