Renee Clark, Kieler Farms: Dairy Farm Supermom, Hyundai Construction Equipment Customer Testimonial

Renee Clark Kieler Farms

April 29, 2019

Renee Clark of Kieler Farms in Plateville, WI is a mom of three kids,  marathon runner, and operates a HL940XT wheel loader everyday on their dairy farm to feed the milking cows. If you looked up “Supermom” in the dictionary, you might find her name.

“My day starts just after 3:00 a.m. It starts that early so that I can juggle being a mom, and being a farmer, and getting all the things that you need to get done in a day’s time. I wake up that early and start feeding the cows early so that I can get home on certain days to be home with my kids…but everything works well because we have so many family members, and my husband, Matt, is amazing, and it’s not just me doing everything myself,” says Renee.

Renee Clark & Family

Renee Clark with Husband, Matt, & Their 3 Girls

“I can feed two thousand cows in less than three hours and 45 minutes with my father-in-law, and having the efficiency of the Hyundai HL940XT wheel loader allows us to get done efficiently, and quickly, and accurately so that we can get on with other things on the farm day, and I can also get on with spending time with my kids,” says Renee.

Kieler Farms Barn

Recently Renee and her husband, Matt, brother, Eric Kieler, and sister-in-law, Leah Kieler, attended the WPS Farm Show as they were in the market to buy a new front end loader. They sat in many different brands of wheel loaders, seeing how they felt. When Renee sat in the Hyundai HL940XT loader at Hyundai’s Wisconsin dealer, Yes Equipment, she thought it was really comfortable. They also liked the affordability of the machine as well.

While looking at another brand of wheel loader, Matt asked Renee, “Why don’t you get in it to see how it feels behind the wheel?”

“I started crawling up, and the other brand’s salesman that was standing there said, why does it matter what she thinks? Matt just looked at him and said, ‘because she’s the one who’s gonna be driving it, that’s why it matters,’ and so anyways, we didn’t buy the other brand.”

A couple of weeks after the Farm Show, Kieler Farms bought a Hyundai HL940XT from Yes Equipment in Madison, WI, and have been really happy with the service.

“We’ve been really satisfied with Yes Equipment and the HL940XT Hyundai Wheel Loader. I’ve spent a lot of hours behind the wheel of it, and it’s still just as comfortable today, as it was when we got it,” says Renee.

Renee Clark in Kieler Farms Hyundai HL940XT Wheel Loader

Renee Clark in Kieler Farm’s Hyundai HL940XT Wheel Loader

“There’s a lot of features of the Hyundai HL940XT Wheel Loader that I’ve really enjoyed while sitting behind the wheel.  I sit with the seat very close to the wheel, and  it adjusts for somebody that’s short, somebody that’s tall… it’s a very comfortable suspension ride. It’s easy to get up and go, it stops smoothly and quickly, and making 19 loads of feed every morning… it’s quick, it’s easy to operate, and it’s easy to teach  somebody how to operate. It’s just a smooth, super comfortable machine to be in. I really enjoy the Bluetooth feature in the radio as well,” says Renee.

For more about Kieler Farms and Hyundai Dealer, Yes Equipment, watch the video testimonial below.

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