SC Rock’s Chris Griste Appreciates Hyundai’s Hi MATE Telematics System

September 29, 2022

SC Rock, located in Goretown, South Carolina, specializes in supplying North Carolina and South Carolina with aggregate resources for roading, foundations, and structural applications. Their Goretown Mine has been using Hyundai equipment for over 10 years, and they recently purchased a Hyundai HX380A L to add to their fleet.

Chris Griste, Mine Superintendent and second-generation miner at SC Rock, values his Hyundai equipment for its dependability, comfort and fuel efficiency. He appreciates the ease of the Hi MATE telematics system for tracking all of the machines in his fleet.

“The Hi MATE fleet telematics is very user-friendly, and it’s able to be accessed from a smartphone and any other PC. The reason we like the Hi MATE telematic system is it keeps up with all of our services and work orders, and our maintenance program alerts us whenever things need to be paid attention to,” Chris says.

As SC Rock continues to grow, Chris says “the dream of SC Rock is to grow our family business and increase our fleet with Hyundai because it’s user friendly, and Hi MATE fleet telematics is a great way to keep up with the efficiency and service plans of everything that we operate here.” 


To hear more about Chris’s reasons for choosing Hyundai, watch the video below.

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