Sitework Contractor Finds Hyundai’s Midsize Excavators Great for Earthwork, Demolition, Utility, and Sewer Line Installation

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August 6, 2020

Headwaters Construction, a site works and utility contractor based out of Cumming, GA, has been operating in the Greater Atlanta area since 2011. Recently Hyundai Construction Equipment marketing had an opportunity to interview project manager, Levi Koshiol, during a foundation wall excavation for the development of a new adult community parking deck.

“We’ve been running Hyundai equipment for about 4 years now, starting out with a compaction roller. The 330 was our first excavator, and we’ve added 2 additional Hyundai excavators to our line since then. They work well out in the field, and maintenance has not been an issue. Getting in contact with mechanics when we need it and stuff like that hasn’t been any trouble at all. It’s a good solid piece of equipment,” said Levi.

Hyundai 330LC-9A excavator carrying concrete slab

“The HX330L and 330LC-9A Hyundai excavator machine sizes are great all-around for what we do. They move dirt fast enough to keep up with trucks when we are hauling out dirt, putting in larger storm systems, underground storm systems, storm lines, as well as moving around large blocks of concrete, asphalt, and things like that,” shared Levi.

“I am the project manager primarily, but anytime I get a chance to get on a piece of equipment, that’s always the fun part. I definitely enjoy getting on the Hyundai machines… they are smooth operating, so they go through the work quickly. When we first got the HX330L, one of the first things the operators said was that ‘the cab environment was really comfortable,’ it’s a very nice machine to be operating in,” Levi commented.

Hear from Levi while watching Headwaters Construction’s Hyundai excavators in action on our Youtube Channel below:

You can find Headwaters Construction online at headwatersconstruction.us or on Facebook.

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