Telico Partners’ Alex Mitchum Chooses Hyundai for Its “Dealer Support, Ease of Servicability and Operator Comfort”

July 15, 2022

Working in the construction industry, Alex Mitchum knows the importance of having a machine he can trust, which is why he chooses to use Hyundai to get the job done. At Telico Partners, Alex does everything from grading and site work development to land clearing and sewer water line installation, so he needs equipment that can stand the test.
Working in grading and clearing requires Alex to operate in tight spaces. Hyundai’s R35Z-9A compact excavator allows him to get the job done successfully without risking any damage to surrounding objects.
“It’s a wonderful piece of equipment. It’s compact, easy to use, smooth operation. Everything on it is easy when it comes to serviceability. The machine is more than plentiful with power and compared to other machines of that same size, and I’ve run a lot in the 35 class, and Hyundai is definitely one of the top compared to all of the rest of them,” Alex says of the Hyundai R35Z-9A.

Alex Mitchum operates the Hyundai R35Z-9A compact excavator at the 2021 Utility Expo.

Alex also utilizes the Hyundai HX160A excavator for jobs that involve digging trenches and creating structures for storm water and sewer drains. He likes the ease of operating the machine and the comfortability the cab offers for long days on the job.
“It’s a lot of machine and a small footprint. It’s got extreme power; everything about that machine is easy from the display setup to the control layout. The operator space is extremely comfortable. There’s plenty of foot room, the ac is wonderful on it. It’s just the visibility out of the machine all around is fantastic. It’s got a backup camera. I was blown away just by the machine’s performance, and the machine was really responsive,” Alex mentions about the HX160A.


  1. OPERATOR COMFORT- “Hyundai machines were just designed with the operator in mind.”
  2. DEALER SUPPORT- “They think about the operator; they think about the person who owns it and is going to be on it.”
  3. EASE OF SERVICABILITY- “When I get on a Hyundai, it’s quick, simple, easy. It allows me to get to work, my day is productive and I don’t have to worry about anything.”


To watch Alex’s full testimony, check out the video below.

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