United Demolition Chooses Hyundai Construction Equipment For Dependability, Reliability and Service

April 26, 2023

Recently, the Hyundai Construction Equipment marketing team had the opportunity to speak with members of United Demolition, a bridge demolition company based in Charleston, South Carolina. In a recent interview with Brian Clark, Vice President of United Demolition, he explains why they chose Hyundai equipment and how it has helped their business.

Brian’s team relies on the dependability and durability of Hyundai’s machines. He says, “The hydraulic flow has been a crucial part of using the Hyundai equipment. We rely on the hydraulic attachments to demolish the bridges and break them down into manageable sections and rely on the machines to execute every day.”

Brian states, “We switched over to Hyundai equipment for the price point, the durability, the strength and the great service of the branches locally.”

United Demolition relies on their Hyundai equipment to perform within a certain timeframe, particularly during shutdowns at night. Brian explains, “We need to execute get in and get off the road before reopening it to traffic in the morning, so we really rely on the durability and the efficiency and the overall superiority of the product.”

Brian also praises the Hi MATE telematics system, stating that it has streamlined the maintenance process and helped reduce costs for idling machines on-site.

Brian says, “Hi MATE has helped the superintendents in the field know when the next services need to be done, if there are any error codes with the machines, or if the machines are idle.”

Jason Hedges, job site superintendent for United Demolition, also speaks highly of Hyundai equipment, particularly the HX235A LCR compact excavator, which he says is “good for tight conditions around corners. They’re really a versatile machine for all those applications.”

Jason utilizes Hi MATE on the jobsite. He says, “I can hit any machine in the fleet and see where it is, see the next service interval or if there’s an issue with the machine, I can call the team members at NED and rectify it right away. It also is another line of communication for if our operators are busy. We can manage the equipment without bothering them to get the data.”

Christina Cox, who works on the crew for United Demolition, praises the durability of Hyundai equipment, stating that “they’re definitely worth the time and the money spent on the equipment, keeping them maintained. As long as you maintain them, they’ll work for you and they do last.”

Christina says, “The Hyundai equipment is more durable than other brands. The cab space is luxury compared to some of the other brands that they have out there. Everyone seems to be satisfied and comfortable working long hours in these machines each and every day.”


United Demolition praises Hyundai equipment for offering durability, efficiency, and superior performance. As Brian states, “Hyundai equipment has been a part of achieving our goal of becoming one of the largest demolition companies in the Southeast by offering superior products at a good price point and having the local branches provide reliable service.”

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