Van Keppel Appreciates Partnership with Hyundai

October 14, 2022

When The G.W. Van Keppel Company started in 1926, its goal was to provide Kansas City with the highest quality equipment for their needs. Today, they have grown to serve seventeen locations across twelve different states, bringing top-notch machinery to each of their customers to help accomplish their goals.

In 2018, Van Keppel partnered with Hyundai Construction Equipment to bring our equipment to their range of customers. Since then, Van Keppel has sold Hyundai wheel loaders and excavators, finding great success with the products among their customers.

“Hyundai is a good fit to grow with because they have the capabilities and the backing and the support to grow. It’s automotive quality stuff, it’s world-class stuff. You get machinery into customers’ hands and you don’t have to apologize about it,” says Van Keppel Vice President Taylor Killian.

Territory Manager Stephen Berg finds that many customers across several different industries remain happy with their Hyundai equipment. Stephen notes that the upgrades made to the A-Series continue to set Hyundai apart from other OEMs.

“It just goes to show that you guys are wanting to stay on the cutting edge of technology and offer the best product you can at the best price, so I, as a salesman who’s out there every day pushing your product, appreciate what Hyundai has done,” Stephen says.

Mark Young, Territory Manager for Van Keppel, draws attention to Hyundai’s Hi MATE telematics system, which is offered to customers for free for five years. Van Keppel uses Hi MATE to track their rentals. Their customers use it to check the status of issues and monitor downtime. Hi MATE allows users to check their fuel burn, hours of usage, run fault codes and set geofencing parameters.

Taylor Killian speaks to the success of Hyundai machines in the area, mentioning Hansen Tree Service and Kienstra Ready Mix Concrete as companies that have put a high level of trust in Hyundai’s products. Both companies have over five Hyundai wheel loaders in their fleets at this time, allowing them to successfully conduct their business.

“One of the reasons why Hyundai and Van Keppel are a good fit is we deal with a lot of different manufacturers that like to talk about getting things done. We’re really more interested in getting things done than talking about them, and I think working with Hyundai, you get a sense that they are more so doers than they are sayers, and that’s refreshing for any business partnership— to be partnered with somebody that is very much someone that’s interested in getting things done,” Taylor says.


Watch Van Keppel’s full testimonial in the videos below.

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