Yes Equipment Sells 70 Hyundai Machines in 2 Years – Dealer Testimonial

Cliff Anglewicz Yes Equipment Owner

May 30, 2019

Yes Equipment in Wisconsin took on the Hyundai line of wheel loaders, excavators and mini excavators, in 2017. 

“Adding Hyundai in 2017 really propelled us up to the next level of our dealership in the Milwaukee and Madison metropolitan area. We have delivered close to 70 units into the southern Wisconsin market area,” says Cliff Angelwicz, owner and CEO. 

Yes Equipment Madison WI Location

Yes Equipment’s Madison, WI Location

“The greatest thing about delivering a Hyundai is they expect something less than what they’re getting. Customers are very much impressed with the value that they get in the machine when they take delivery of it.  It’s probably the most rewarding sale that I’ve had my 55 years of being in the equipment business,” says Cliff.

The HL940 wheel loader was Yes Equipment’s focus for the first couple of years as a Hyundai dealer.  After building confidence successfully selling Hyundai’s smaller machines, they are now building a customer base for larger machines like the HL960 and HL970 wheel loaders, delivering to gravel pits, concrete, and construction equipment companies. “The assortment of equipment that Hyundai offers really gives a dealer an opportunity to pick and choose what they think they need for their marketplace,” says Cliff.

“Why did we choose Hyundai? We decided Hyundai was a great partnership for us because of brand recognition. Everybody understands the car line, and they know the Hyundai name. They know that it comes with quality. The construction equipment just emulates that quality throughout their entire product line, and that’s what makes Hyundai a great product to represent,” says Tracey Clark, President of Yes Equipment.

Tracey Clark Yes Equipment President

Tracey Clark, Yes Equipment, President

One successful program Yes Equipment has found with Hyundai equipment has been the product support with the free filter kit with a new delivery. “Our customers feel that not only is Yes Equipment supporting them, but Hyundai is supporting them every step of the way. They talk about it… they talk about it to other people, they talk about it with their other customers. ‘Look at what they sent us! Look at how they supported their machine,’ we hear our customers say, ” says Tracey.

Hyundai Maintentance Kits On Display Yes Equipment

Hyundai Maintentance Kits On Display at Yes Equipment in Milwaukee, WI

“With Hyundai loaders, we’ve sold multiple units over the phone. When the customer shows up, they are shocked at what they are getting for their dollar. They are getting a higher quality machine than what they think they are paying for. They are getting a top level machine at a medium level price,” says Darrin Sullivan, CFO at Yes Equipment.

Darrin Sullivan Yes Equipment CFO

Darrin Sullivan, Yes Equipment, CFO

“If a customer asked me, ‘Why chose Hyundai?’ my statement would be cost of ownership. Their cost of ownership will be lower, and the machine will perform as good, if not better, than any other manufacturer on the market, but they will make more money because their cost of ownership… will be lower, ” says Darrin.

Want to hear more from Yes Equipment and their customers on what they like about Hyundai? Watch the complete interview on our YouTube video below.

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