Yes Equipment Customizes Hyundai HL940TM With Burke Wing Snow Plow For Town of Bristol

HL940TM Hyundai Wheel Loader With Burke Wing & Snow Plow Set Up

January 8, 2019 | Customer Testimonials, Dealer Testimonials, Product Knowledge

Burke Wing & Snow Plow Custom Design

The needs for snow removal equipment can vary depending on your location. Rural areas with large cul-de-sacs, parking lots, or city streets all have one objective in common though: clear large areas of snow as fast as possible.  Yes Equipment recently teamed up with Burke Truck & Equipment Co. a local small family owned business that specializes in building municipal snow removal trucks, to customize a HL940TM Wheel Loader with wing and snow plow set up for the Town of Bristol.

The Town of Bristol in Wisconsin is a rural municipal customer of Hyundai Construction Equipment dealer, Yes Equipment. Bristol has a variety of neighborhoods, including country estates, lake homes, subdivisions, condominiums, row homes, and working agricultural areas.

HL940TM Wheel Loader With Burke-Yes Equipment Wing & Snow Plow Set Up

Bristol utilizes the HL940TM Hyundai Wheel Loader for many other construction purposes.  With Burke Truck & Equipment being just 20 miles outside of town, customizing the HL940TM into a dual purpose machine for rural area snow removal was an efficient means of getting the best use of the loader.

HL940TM Wheel Loader With Burke-Yes Equipment Wing & Snow Plow Close UP

Burke’s new wing and snow plow custom design configuration for the HL940TM was designed with the objective of clearing roundabouts and cul-de-sacs quickly and easily. Most importantly, the wing pushes the snow back out of the way to get ready for the next snow. Operators think the flexibility of not having to take your hand off the joystick to operate the blade is an advantage.  The F/N/R switch on the joystick is used to operate the wing and plow.

Neutral position is for the front plow left and right. Forward position is for the front of the wing up and down. Reverse position is for the wing to fold in and out.

HL940TM Wheel Loader With Burke-Yes Equipment Wing Close Up

Contact Jeff Sasse, General Manager, Yes Equipment, Hyundai Construction’s Wisconsin dealer, for more information on the Burke wing and snow plow configuration.





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